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What can you make in the world of Fledgling Heroes?

Do you think a never-ending level full of bears could be fun? What about swimming through sunken temples with a penguin? Want to have a blast playing levels made by cool, creative players from around the world?

Make your own levels in Fledgling Heroes

The Lab, a rickety blimp flown by Chip the old cockatoo, has everything you need to design your own levels and share them with friends, family and other players across the globe! Collect blueprints to unlock content in the same level editor used to craft the original levels of Fledgling Heroes. Combine a variety of objects and game modes to create loads of unique adventures. Let your imagination run wild!

Make your own bird styles in Fledgling Heroes

Customize all your birds with the style editor! If you’re feeling particularly proud of a design, you can place it as a collectible in your levels for other players to find. You can go wild with wacky colors, or recreate variations found in the wild. And don’t forget to set your favorite as your online avatar!


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