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Learn to fly with Biscuit the macaw

There are many ways birds can navigate the colourful world of Fledgling Heroes. Flapping vigorously is a good way for young macaws to get bearings on their first venture out, but once they’re more comfortable, they can try these more advanced techniques.

Tap to flap: Press once sharply to flap your wings - the classic and staple bird locomotive technique

Hold to glide: Hold for as long as you wish to extend your wings. This movement style allows for more gentle arcs, easier control and a slight boost to your speed!

Bounce on the ground: If you hit the ground at a flat angle, birds will not crash - they’ve got too much skill at expertly propelling themselves right back into the air by pushing off with their feet.

That’s not all - different birds can sometimes have different navigational capabilities! Kingfishers dive, penguins swim, and quails run.


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